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pubg mobile update new version 1.8


A model of the PUBG recreation for the laptop used to be first released, however after a whilst every other model used to be launched that fits Android and iPhone phones, however is there a distinction between the two? The reply will be yes. There are some variations between the two versions, which we will provide an 

explanation for to you as follows:

Graphics: The distinction between PUBG cell and PUBG for PC is in the photographs decision that anyone can see. Of course, PUBG on cell gadgets has a low-level portraits or images decision of the recreation due to the fact it is designed for the general specs of smartphones all over the world and is very low, this model of PUBG is a precision designs The photos in it do now not exceed 480 pixels, and at the identical time, the PUBG model on the PC will grant a smoother gaming ride in contrast to the cell model of the game, and the end result will be the degree of photographs in the sport on the PC the place PUBG can be performed on a pc with photographs 

decision up to 720 pixel or 1080p.


The indoors diagram of the game: The indoors plan of the PUBG recreation differs a lot between the cell smartphone model and the laptop version. Also, the ornament on the partitions is very clear on the PUBG computer, in addition to dividing the giant rooms into small rooms, and this skill that the indoors format of the PUBG laptop recreation is extra exact and sophisticated.

Updates for on line war battles is one of the important elements that hold historical gamers taking part in the game, in addition to attracting extra new players, each PUBG cell and PUBG PC have updates that are launched regularly, however the patch sizes of the updates are the principal distinction between PUBG computer and cell With the base recreation having a measurement of about 1.6 GB, the replace patch for the PUBG cell model is greater than 1 GB, whilst the replace patch for the PUBG PC is large than 10 GB.

Since the recreation dimension is a lot large in PUBG PC than the cell model of the recreation Camp Jackal is additionally large on PC than on a phone, this skill that you can exercise your riding competencies a whole lot less difficult on PC than on a phone. 


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