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Top 5 Best OFFLINE Games for Android 2022 | Top 5 NEW Games for Android High Graphics


If you are a fan of high-quality Android games, which are characterized by fabulous graphics and high graphics, as if you are like the real thing in the game, then in this topic I will share with you the ten best Android games in 2022 with high quality, which are various and different games, including action and fighting games, including puzzle and intelligence games, including car games Also, including games where you can find everything mentioned.

Top 5 Android Games 2022

Android game lovers and lovers, we return to you with a list of new and free games for the month of October 2022, which you will definitely love. It is no secret to you that games are the most entertaining thing in this period of time. With the huge development in the development of games, especially on smartphones, and specifically Android phones, we are seeing powerful games that almost compete with computer games and other dedicated game consoles.


Android games or mobile games in general, are among the most popular games that have seen a great spread recently in the world among young people and children as a whole. After the increasing purchase of smart phones in the world, the downloading of mobile games increased with it, and some games that care about quality more than anything have appeared. else.

With this terrible development, we aspire to get the latest and most entertaining games, and we do not accept simple games as was the case in the past. All of this is due to the fact that every month new games are downloaded on Google Play, and our task on this site is to collect these games and explain them to you in a simple way that conveys to you the idea of ​​the game only. So let's get to know the list of the best Android games



5-Hitman Sniper


3-Dark Avenger

2-Batman - The Telltale Series

1-Disney Mirrorverse


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