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New Map: Fallout

Loek bombed and caused a volcanic eruption to change his location.

In Fallout 1. Basic AC mode for all weapons provides a new target, which is a weapon, greatly improves its handling and gives players a better view of the battle with a telescope.

2. Characters are equipped with commander goggles by default, which show players the damage done by the gun.

3. A lot of clouds have been added to the new map. They quickly move around the map, closer to the zipline, and use the zipline to get a zipline to the other side.

4. Each player has the option to return to battle. To summon a man to find the tower, he summons his tip usurper.

5. A new bacon-to-sound function has been added: Minimp appears near the bacon sound on screen. This feature can be disabled in the settings.

Fallout intense battles and new combat experiences!


Improved classic mode

1. Players can collect coins from all Fallout, Erangeli and Livik maps and use them to build military equipment ranging from treasure to ultimate victory.

2. The sign of loss you've been waiting for arrives. When you do this, when you kill an enemy or one of 

your allies, when you defeat them, you will receive a beacon. 


🔗To download the file, click here🔗


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